Change my password

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I've forgotten my password

Password requirements:

  • All passwords are checked against a database of 600 million stolen passwords. If you try and use a password that is found in this database, it will be rejected.
  • Passwords must not contain your username or any part of your name.
  • Passwords that are at least 13 characters long do not require any special characters or numbers.
  • Passwords that are less than 13 characters require at least 3 of the following 4 categories of characters:
    • Uppercase letters
    • Lowercase letters
    • Numbers
    • Symbols
  • The minimum password length is 8 characters.

Further assistance

Contact your local Service Desk:

All Australian campuses
Students: +61 3 9903 2777
Staff: +61 3 9905 1777

Telephone: +60 3 551 46200

South Africa
Telephone: +27 11 950 4077